Spin the Wheel Promotions Help

I have a client that is looking to add a Spin the wheel promotion to a site. I'm not sure if this is possible in hype to have the wheel spin and to have the winner receive an email or enter their email. The client was looking for something similar to this. They want to be able to also customize the wheel.

This is possible, but how you go about doing it probably depends on some of your requirements.

There will definitely be server-side components. It sounds like there probably should be:

  • A server-side component that returns a list of the possible options to the website
  • A server-side component that tells the website which prize was won (though it could work that the client tells the server, if you don't care about cheating)
  • A server-side component that stores email addresses
  • A server-side component that sends winner emails

From a Hype document perspective, the biggest question would be if the number of options will change or always be fixed.

  • If the number of options is fixed, then you could probably do all your spin animations with Hype. You can draw out all pie pieces and just replace any text/images from a result from the server

  • If the number of options could change, then you would need to programmatically construct the size of the pie pieces and make animations that do the spin to land on the right number.

Of course, even if it is a fixed number you could still make this programmatically... it may just be a bit more work but could be better should your client change their mind. You can still use Hype for some of the basic interactions, but its role is just diminished and perhaps not necessary.

Either way you're going to need a bit of JavaScript to talk back and forth with the server.

Here's a thread I found, though everything here happens in the browser: