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Hi.., Newbi here. Still learning the basics with Hype Pro. Before I got started with Hype I was using Keynotes. There is feature in Keynotes animation called "shimmer". So far I've not been able to reproduce the same effect in Hype. The only way I've been able to do the effect is to create it first in Keynotes & then export as animated gif file & then import the image into my Hype document. This works great except for the annoying loop feature. Ultimately what I'm trying (hoping) to achieve is the same or similar shimmer effect without the infinite looping. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Hype doesn't have built-in effects like this, though I do suspect you might be able to animate something similar using vector shapes, the blur feature, and some rotational and opacity animations.

To more specifically answer your question though -- what you can do is instead of importing the animated gif as an image, you could add it via the Insert > Sprite Sheet… method. This will extract each frame and produce a Sprite Sheet element, which can be more finely controlled:


Just know that sprite sheets can be pretty big in size, so it may not be appropriate for all cases -- in other words, make sure to test for filesize/download and performance issues.

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Did a quick test with a gif to sprite and the only change is turning loop off.
Works quite nice.

spriteFromGif.hype.zip (970.8 KB)


Sprite Sheet worked! I could not have asked for a more practical solution. Am amazed at how simple the process was. Hype is like the new "Flash (macromedia) for dummies." All the same features & better results better price without the steep learning curve. So much fun!
Thank you for your help.


Glad to hear that! :smiley: