Sound Synthesis in Hype

Any idea of how I could implement sound synthesis in Hype to apply it in Physics (so that sounds are produced and change when objects collide).


the included matter.js provides a collisiondection. one example with hype involved:

instead of switching the scene youwould play a sound … :slight_smile:

be aware of browserrestrictions of playing sound without userinteraction!


I’m still on 3.6. Do you have a version that I can use?

sry, no

Schade :disappointed_relieved:

I’m on 3 3.6.8 :cry:
But thanks anyway…

The original thread @h_classen example comes from is 3.x

though … there’s no example for matter.js’s collision-detection. a quick search in forum also only provided beta-examples :slight_smile: and is Matter-access through hype not anyway just within Beta?