Sound not longer available after returning from App Store

So I updated my Circle of 5ths app with some sounds using Wad.js. This works great, because wad has some attractive possibilities.

There is one problem though. I also have a link to the app store from within the app. This works, but when returning to the app it is not longer possible to play the sounds. Does anyone know what could be the reason for this to happen?

I'm not aware of issues re-running audio as long as the page is still in active memory. I assume this isn't an autoplay issue -- being an app you can disable the autoplay restriction.

I guess my steps to debug and isolate would be:

  • Does this happen if viewing the document in Safari instead of the app?
  • Does this happen if using Hype's native audio system instead of wad.js?
  • Does this happen on a regular .html page (not a Hype doc) using wad.js?
  • Does this happen in the iOS simulator?
  • Does this happen on older versions of iOS?

Thanks, I’ll try these steps.

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