Sound in Wordpress

Hello there, has any one else had any problems getting audio to play in Wordpress? the html file itself plays the audio fine, but theres only sound once embedded in Internet Explorer and no other browser, i’ve put in an mp3, ogg and wav but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work. Anyone else experiencing this?

Can you share a link? Haven’t heard of this issue (I don’t think Wordpress is the issue – you might be hitting this problem relating to htaccess issues).

Yeah, Ok here we go - so the bit that I’m testing sound on is the goose, upon pressing the goose it makes a sound as it does here -

please ignore the fact that both breakpoint for ipad and iphone aren’t working properly, havent finished with making them work!

When I look at the console after clicking the goose (Safari) I get the error:

> [Error] XMLHttpRequest cannot load Origin is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin. (soundtest, line 0)

I am no expert but that looks like a cross domain violation.

Are you trying to load the file from the other site…?

Yeah it just that its being built in temporary place before moving it over (soon!) onto its actual domain, but am uploading the content files via ftp on the proper domain so they are already in the place they will be finally, it does look like that might be causing problems…

That solve did indeed fix this problem Mark, it all works now its transferred over, thank you for pointing that out!

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