Sound in timeline action trouble

Hi there, I'm using Hype 4.1.7 Pro and I've got a problem: If I use a button in order to start a sound, it's ok but when I try to play a sound with a timeline action, nothing happens. I must forget something so please, enlighten me :wink: thanks! (183.9 KB)

without a userinteraction regarding the sound it is most likely suppressed / restricted by the browser.

so, to be 100 % you'll need a click or touchstart to start the sound ...


That's annoying because I'm trying to play the sound of a bullet as a hole in the background appears and it shouldn't be done by the click of a button :confused:

Those are simply browserrestrictions, but searching the forum will give you some ideas on how to omnit it ...

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Simplest way is to have landing area at the start that has a start button. The button will play a sound and go to the first scene.

Because the user clicked the start button authorising sound, the browser should now assume all sound is ok. (88.3 KB)