Sound Effects over IOS Music app


I am looking for a way to use hype to make an iOS web app which enables sound effects to be played over the top of background music coming from your music app on your iPhone.

If that is not possible, then is there a way to make it pause the music app, play the sound effect then continue playing the music app from when it was paused.

I have searched everywhere on the forum for an answer to this question and can’t find one. I really hope someone can help.

Thanks in advance


Hi Dan

First of all not an expert in this field but will give you my 2 cents :wink:

Unfortunately I think this would be pretty difficult as iOS (native) apps are written in Objective-C and in HYPE you would be using Javascript. Whilst you can communicate with Objective C using Javascript

I’m not sure this will be able to do what you ask. I may be wrong.

I don’t know if an iOS (web) app when calling a sound would pause the music anyway. I believe when loaded anything with an audio tag pauses the music.

Hope this helps in some way


yes you can make ios apps with hype.
i think this link will help you.

but i think you need to do extra coding to let users open their music from their phone.
I am sure there is some other person to help you out with that.
or you can google to find out the javascript to let open music from device.

Thanks for the reply so far guys, really appreciate you taking the time.

Yes it is doable to build an iOS app with a Hype HTML 5 file and the web view built into Xcode.
I just updated the Youtube How to here…

Hi @nick, not sure why you replied to my post :smile:

I know that you can build an app using a web view in Xcode (nice How to by the way) but what the original poster was asking was to manipulate the audio playing in an iOS device because he wants to play sound effects over any audio that is already being played or pause and restart the audio after his sound effects have played.

Do you know if this can be done? Maybe through the Audio Toolbox framework?


I am not sure if this answers the question but it will allow you to launch audio in your app

Yes you would need to add the AV Framework to your Xcode project to add those features.
However, I minus autoplay you may want to experiment with a Hype document that is playing a soundtrack OnLoad for a scene and add some buttons on that…
Follow the link I just reposted below when you setup your web view.
It may get you a basic start.

But if you really want more solid audio features you will want to work through the AV Framework process.

Here is a nice starter tutorial…

So Dan, (@dannyred) Not sure if all this is any help but maybe it’s a start!


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This might help as a starter file
Music track is playing in the background
3 buttons different sound effects.

Try to export and bring into Xcode with the help of the tutorial links. (1.8 MB)

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