Sound does not work on all iOS devices

I have been trying to figure out if there’s is something I need to add in the file to make the sound work on all mobile devices. Is there something I am doing wrong? Can anyone help?
The strangest thing is the sound works on an iphone 8 plus.
Here is the hype file with the sound.
Much appreciated. (1011.1 KB)


This works for me in Mobile Safari on the latest version of iOS – can you make sure your device isn’t muted? If you have a small bell in your control center with a / through it, tap that to unmute your device. You might also need to toggle your ringer switch on the left side of the device.

Thank you Daniel for getting back to me on this.
The sound works on the Mobile Safari for me too and it works on the iphone 7 and 8plus but not on the 10 iphone.

It’s working now on the 10. I am new to iphone and didn’t realize there was another button, mute I’m assuming, that needed to be ON. The sound worked with music on websites but not when testing with hype.
Thank you for your help!

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