Sound does not play on iOS 11

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I have uploaded a HYPE project to a webserver. Viewed in mac Safari sound plays when you press the ENTER button on the first screen. However on an iPad iwth iOS 11.3.1 no sound happens when you press the button. I am using HYPE 3.6.6 and I just used HYPE’s built in Play Sound Action, I am not using the timeline to trigger the sound. I have attached the project.

Any help would be greatly (2.2 MB)


If you update Tumult Hype to the latest version (3.6.7) and reexport it should work. If not, can you share the URL where it is hosted?


I have the same problem but version 3.6.7 and the latest update iOS. ( 10.13.5)

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Is the phone muted?


Yes, I have a sound with preview and when I export the animation to a video.
But on the video it self there’s no sound


I believe the following still applies…

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Hi Daniel. I have updated to 3.6.7 but it still doesn’t work. Here’s the url:

Click on the Enter button and it should play audio (mp3). It works fine on a browser on my mac but not on the iPad. The iPad is playing other sound based web content such as youtube fine.


I’m on iOS 11.4 on an iPad, and it is playing great for me. Can you make sure that the ‘bell’ (silent mode) icon is not clicked in your control center?

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Yes that was it! I feel like such and idiot! What confused me was that youtube video played back with sound even though my Hype page didn’t. I still don’t understand why silent mode silences mp3 playback but not video playback, but apparently it does. Thanks so much for your help!


It’s happened to me so many times I lost count. You’re no idiot :slight_smile:

I think the silent mode is one final barrier to ensure that audio doesn’t start blaring out of your device – clicking play on a video is more of a signal that ‘yes I want to play audio’ while a JavaScript event that plays audio is less user-initiated.

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I see. Thanks. :slight_smile: