Sound and auto-play

Struggled a while today with sounds, intended to be triggered to start from timeline actions; play sound.

OSX: Works in Safari 13.0.5 (15608.5.11). Now also in Firefox 73.0.1 and Chrome Version 80.0.3987.122.

At first it didn’t work in FF and Chrome.
After adding a first scene, where the user have to do a click to continue, it seems to work in FF and Chrome.

In my case, stop each sound on scene unload is a good idea.

To be tested on a PC…
…seems to work as intended in Edge, IE, Chrome, Firefox - on one PC with Windows 10.

At this point it is best to assume that autoplay will never work on any browser, and you must initiate a sound via a user event (like a mouse down) to first allow any audio to play.

The heading of this thread is perhaps not the best.

Only used the built-in timeline actions: play sound; [select an imported sound file, to be played…].

Have not seen auto-play for sound files, only for videos.

Gotchya - colloquially I use “auto play” to refer to any time a sound is played without intervention. (Though it is in fact a specific term for video elements too).