Some possible ideas for a future release

Let me preface by saying I FREAKING LOVE HYPE. You guys have done an outstanding job creating a tool that has become invaluable to me. These are simply ideas based on working with Hype vs. other creative tools.

  1. Customize code editor colors:
    This is a big one - I’ve got near perfect vision and even I’m having trouble here.
  • In dark interface theme, JS keywords like ‘var’ are dark red (on a dark background) and that gets difficult to read when you’ve been staring at code all day.
  • Light interface has the exact opposite problem, non-key words, operators, and anything not in comments or quotes is light gray, on a nearly white background.
  1. Option to undock/detach JS & Head HTML editors into their own floating windows
    a shortcut key combination to switch quickly between the scene view and the functions currently open in the document tabs

  2. Option to customize keyboard shortcuts in preferences

  3. Remove ambiguous file save status:
    If I make a change to my Hype file, the title in the window shows “Edited” until I save my work. However I can close the file/quit Hype and there’s no indication or confirmation like “Save Changes? [Yes] [No]”

  4. Choose timeline format in preferences:
    Show timeline as seconds/minutes or as frames (according to a user-defined frame rate). Not sure if that can easily be done or if it would mess up timing in a file that already has existing animations, etc. but I figured I’d put it out there for consideration.


“other creative tools” refers to Google Web Designer. An evil invention from the bowels of hell that is utterly useless and will drain the life out of you. I’d rather give a back rub to a porcupine than use GWD, when Hype can do everything it can, and SO much more :smile: :rofl:


Thanks for the feedback!

Note that the System Preferences provides a mechanism to add/change keyboard shortcuts.

System Preferences > Keyboard pref pane > Shortcuts tab > App Shortcuts sidebar item

Hit plus and you can add them for Hype.

Hype is a standard mac app, and uses macOS conventions. You can change the behavior by going to the System Preferences General pref pane and check:

  • Ask to keep changes when closing documents
  • Close windows when quitting an app
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1 - I think I read that Hype 4 will let you use your own external code editor
(Am I right?).

4 - You can use the alt/option key to add in a “save as” command below the plain “save”.

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Yes, but this isn’t a global setting (yet)… it’s based on individual functions listed in the resource panel. Each has a button you have to click “edit in…”

Would be a neat additional feature having this a global feature though (including editing Head HTML). “Set default editor” under preferences and each click that would normally open it in the internal editor would then lead automatically to open it in the editor of choice.

BTW that would also solve this request

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I meant to also mention the Window > Select Scene Tab menu item exists; you could set a keyboard shortcut for this item… (in fact, I’m surprised we don’t have a default one for this item given how clunky going to the menu would be!). There’s also command-shift-option-angle brackets to change tabs, though this itself is a little clunky too.

Good idea - I’ve filed this for a future release.

It of course doesn’t preclude Hype’s editor from having customizable colors. Hype’s editor is based on HyperEdit which does have this option, it is mostly a matter of bringing the panel over.