Some newbie questions

Hey Guys,

Hype is a powerful program and I really like to find things out on my own, but some things are hidden for me;-)
I want to make a regular website with a navigation bar. And there are my first problems: how can I create a navigation bar? With the elements>button tool or is there an easier way?
How can I set the layout to fill the screen of the webbrowser, I can only find “desktop” and the different iscreens?
How can I set my layout like navbar and so on to be on the next new scenes and layout for iphone etc?

I hope I dont bore you with the newbie stuff;-)

Thanks in advance and take care

Welcome Hinkelmann,

let me teleport you directly to Do have a look on there for inspiration and from some ‘Aha’ moments.

I even recommend the Toronto Star Touch example website for inspiration.

The people at have some heavy lifting of Hype usage in there website as well.

If that isn’t enough and you need a boost filled with letters and images, there is a book out there called: A Book About Hype.

I hope this gets you well on your way in making your own website in Tumults Hype. :slight_smile:


Hey Dennis, thanks for your reply and the nice websites. But unfortunately it doesnt solve my problems;-)
I just need two hints, how can I set the website to fill the screen in width and get it longer than the preset sizes. And how can I assume my layout to the following pages?
I hope the 2 lil answers are not to much but I need it to get a start with hype;-)


Hello Hinkelstein,

then I urge you to dive into the documentation section. Here is your answer to be found and only by reading your solution yourself can you invision exactly what you are looking for.

Hi Timo!

In addition to Dennis’ recommendation I found “A Book About Hype” by Michael Garofalo (@Photics) to be a very helpful introduction to Hype:

The book is an easy informative read that will get You up to speed on the basics and introduce You to more advanced topics as well.

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Thanks guys, I will try to walk through the documentation. I hope I will find the beginning there;-)

Hi @hinkelstein


A quick answer to your questions:

Using the buttons, you can create a nice and quick navigation. You can also combine this with a rectangle element behind to make it look like a bar. Also, every element is effectively a button. You can switch on the button controls by going to Edit->Show Button Controls. That way you don’t need to use the default buttons. You could use text, or a rectangle, or ellipse.

You can click the scale settings to make the document flexible (width only)

that way you can choose the following pattern in the Metrics inspector to make your element expand the width of your document and also centre it.

Your scene dimensions are editable to whatever size you want. Just type in the dimensions and you’re good to go. The presets are just that, “presets” as in they are templates that you can use.

If it is checked (as in the above picture) then the dimensions will assume their values throughout all your scenes. If you need a specific size for mobiles as well then you can create a new layout and change the dimensions for that specific layout.

There are many posts here that have many examples and templates for you to look at and pick up some techniques as well as what has been suggested. The documentation is a great resource (not complete) but great for the basics and a few advanced things too.

Here is a simple template to get you going (51.9 KB)


Thanks a lot, this is the background that I can explore Hype by myself!!! Very nice, thanks again!!

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