Some microsites done with hype 3

I haven’t contributed as much as I would like, but i’m always around to check out our “must-read-once-in-a-while-forum”. Here are 2 simple responsive projects entirely made with Hype 3, i did for a client’s client that i would like to share with u guys :wink:
(this one will be changing along the next 3 or 4 months)

(this one also changed every month)
phase 4 (last phase)
phase 1: already offline ::

btw…they both got sound

hope u like it
(feel free to comment/criticise)

p.s. i know it’s a bit cheesy, but did i tell u lot that Hype changed my way of designing, webdesigning, animating, presenting stuff and so on…? damn… :stuck_out_tongue: