Some elements not appearing in banners

I’ve done some ads and I can preview them just fine in the browser, but all the other people at the office can’t. Specifically, they can not see the texts (actually images) in the start of the banner. They see this:
When they should be seeing this:

Then, they see the discount, and other elements in the animation. But the elements in the very start, like the blue background and the two texts, are not shown.

What can be happening? I already tried this but it didn’t work. Objects are not rendering in the Windows machines. (220,1 KB)

30 dto SuperOfertaMex_sin_clic (1,3 MB)

What version of IE (or what browser is the issue happening on)?
Can you share the URL where you’re hosting, or were you sharing the zip?

Hi Daniel, thank you for your reply.

I’m not hosting the banners, I’m exporting them, and sending the .zip with the creatives so they can review and approve them before sending to the agency. They finally decided to send the ads to see what happened, and everything went fine. Nonetheless we would love to still open and preview them locally.

My colleagues are using Explorer 11 - version 11.0.9600.191000 and Google Chrome - Versión 68.0.3440.106 (Build oficial) (64 bits) on Windows 7 Professional.

I think this is due to the foreign characters in your filenames. Instead of Cuadrados-Relájate-en-el-paraíso@3x.gif use something like cuadrados-relajate.gif. I think we can also safely blame the Microsoft file system (and/or IE) for not handling these characters equitably.


And that was the solution! Eliminating the accents solved the problem and they can now see the ad completely fine :smile: Thank you very much for sharing your experience.