Some considerations about Hype and how I would like it to be

Thanks everyone for all the thoughts here (and big thanks for the mockups from @Republiken, @MultimediaMan, and @Casimiro).

There have been many good points raised, which really boil down to learning curves vs. tool approachability.

There are of course a tremendous amount of features we’d love to implement in the future – I could be busy improving Hype for the next 100 years, easily. Thus we do prioritize and pick and choose. To shed light as a developer, I will say the main reason there hasn’t been a UI-based logic/control-flow solution in Hype echoes many of @MarkHunte’s comments. By putting these elements in Hype, a user’s time would be spent learning this new and independent system. While it may in some ways be easier than JavaScript coding because strict syntax is not required, the “hard part” of programming - mainly the logic part, is going to be the same. But in this case the skill in non-transferable, not documented as widely on the web, and will encounter a ceiling when needing to expand beyond what the UI has given. Sometimes shortcut features hurt more in the long run. We generally have found every time Hype has departed from web standards, it has been a mistake.

That said, as a programmer I’m also never satisfied with the difficulties folks encounter in the JavaScript/web world. It has gotten messy over time!

There are a few key tasks done in Hype that are currently in the realm of programming that would benefit from UI solutions. On my radar is:

  • Looping timeline playback N times
  • Binding time/property values between elements
  • Easier toggle switches

Further, there are other features mentioned here that we also get consistent feedback about:

  • Element collision actions (including dropability)
  • Improved preloaders - both UI and fine-grained control on what gets loaded when

Another interesting aspect to think about is the role of Symbols. While right now they are basically just “Scenes within Scenes,” one of the original goals (cut short by time) was for them to provide a plugin-style solution where more expert users could create widely applicable symbols carrying their own code and behaviors which could be exposed as parameters. Other software like Sketch, Blocs, and RapidWeaver have systems like this. In this manner, users could use off-the-shelf solutions for a lot of tasks that require code (at least copy/pasting) now.

Anyways, this is all to say that we are listening and thinking about the problem space. In the early days of Hype, our original thought was that when users turn to code that represented a weakness in the application and would point the way for which features we should add. Clearly we have a big and healthy user base so it is overly optimistic to implement everything the community makes :slight_smile:, but from a big picture we want to make sure the application never limits creativity.

Thanks all!


Thanks Jonathan and happy weaving for 100 years! Meaning, may Hype and you and the team live for ever!

But, as a starter, MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW DECADE!


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Thanks to you for making a great software. I just hope that we can get more out of Hype because we all love it. If I ask for improvements for those who don’t know how to program it’s just to give these people (me first) the chance to move those creative limits that we non-programmers currently have with Hype. Clearly when I talk about adding visual programming tools I don’t think about creating limitations for everyone else. I believe that both souls can coexist: visual tools could help those who have problems with programming and programmers, or advanced users, could continue to use Javascript as they have always done. I think it’s just a matter of making a few steps easier and not of overturning the whole system.

Anyway, we are with you, always!


Hey everyone, my new book is done. :crazy_face:


Where is it?

That was sarcasm, as noted by the silly emoji.

If you want to be notified when the printed version of A Book About Hype is available, you can like/heart this post…

I’m planning to add lots of pages about JavaScript and Hype. That’s just the nature of the software. By using Hype, I became a better developer. Now I can write my own JavaScript code and I prefer to do so. I had fun with apps like Stencyl and GameSalad, but now I don’t even use them.

I actually recommend against Hype being more of a drag-and-drop editor. Learn to code. It’s liberating. If you don’t want to code, then maybe team up with someone who can. Waiting for Hype to change into something like Stencyl or GameSalad is just going to be disappointing.


Your phrase may be sarcastic but I think a good book is not a bad idea, especially if there are people who are not able to program. It could be a good starting point so if there’s a serious book idea let’s take it forward.

That’s the point: not many people want to become “developers”. My requests are about designers. But I think I’ve already talked about it enough and I don’t want to go back to it because I have a clear idea of what my needs are and here the needs are different since designers and programmers coexist.

I understand that my English is not good, in fact I help myself with an automatic translator, but I think it’s now clear how I don’t want a POINT AND CLICK software for Hype!
I just pointed out how difficult it is for pure designers (those who have to do with colors, shapes, compositions and so on) to create code in Javascript.
The solution, as I see it, is to ADD (so don’t transform) visual programming tools to Hype. This means that whoever is programming will always be able to use Javascript to do as he wants.
It doesn’t seem disappointing to me and I don’t think programmers take anything away from it. Or am I wrong?
From the answers I read, it seems to me that programmers don’t have a sense of selflessness. In fact, as a designer, I write that the two systems (visual programming and programming with code) should coexist, while I see that programmers only push for the programming of the code. This is not good!
The insertion of visual programming tools would allow many of us to program without asking for pieces of code here and become independent. We (or at least what they think like me) are not interested in programming and we don’t want to deal with Javascript. It’s a choice. I repeat, if I wanted to be a programmer or software developer we would have studied programming…
I hope I’ve made myself even clearer. This is my point of view, please respect it. The world will continue to turn the same…

Translated with (free version)


I am not a coder, but a designer, and one of my reasons that I like Hype so much is that there ARE so many drag and drop, point and click gadgets, and widgets built into it, and you learn how to creatively mix and match them do create some things that make our customers think that we can create “magic” every day.

If they only knew how much it is NOT magic, but…no problem in letting them think that if they are happy with what we produce.

I spent 20 years in race cars. The rule books get longer and more complex every year, but you have to live with what they say. Those who interpret them in the best ways, being creative while still being just barely legal, seem to do it time and time again, year after year. They (we) just find a way to do it just 1% better and that determines whether you win or lose.

I think its the same thing with Hype.


We are in a historical period where computer science has become affordable for everyone. Anyone, today, with a bit of creativity can create things unthinkable until several years ago. Now there are kids that with LEGO and block programming build small robots and animate them according to their imagination (learning to program), at school (in Italy) visual coding is taught using blocks and materials that simulate programming, there are many software that allow you to create exceptional things in a visual way. Now there are people who make video games only by moving blocks and creating endless creative possibilities. We have moved away from machine language to get closer to humans, and this is the future.
Let’s be clear: Javascript isn’t all that much of a bogeyman, but I still think that designers have a different head than programmers and you have to take that into account.


I’ll take a look at it soon! Thanks

This software already has complete and very robust I have already tried a week … It is incredible although it has a very old interface but it has complete tool and included exporting .exe, flash (now it has no logic) and android apk.

CMS and LMS managed included. Incredible.

I hope Hype team can do much better. For example you can export dmg and ios without Xcode and apk for android.

increased event function for example video (I would also like to add something easy with subtitled import)

and many more we have already commented before with another FSM post

If you do it in the next version. It is already a complete interactive software for designers.

Apart from the fact that you can’t find a trial to prove it, this software is only for Windows…of course it has what I would like in Hype as a collision system, variables and much more…

Collision detection

Drop target detection

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With all due respect, I don’t agree. I started as a designer, so many years ago and I built interfaces for software delivered on CDROM, coded in C++. Today, I am a software engineer who uses a variety of different languages to build applications, and my company develops complete software platforms. I say my company, because I own it. I am simultaneously a designer, illustrator, and an engineer, and I excel at them all. There are thousands of people who have strong abilities in both visual arts and the principles of logic for engineering - you don’t have to just be one thing and its not a good idea to assume limits on abilities like that. There are many thousands of double and triple threats out there.

Everyone should get better at everything so we can all compete harder and have more fun!!!


I don’t mean to be rude or unsympathetic, but…can you show us some of your work where you have made illustrations and programming? I’m really gonna rethink myself and throw my ego in the trash…

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i would take it as such …

i like the intention you had while opening this thread. And i guess everybody has got the point. So it’s a featurerequest -> Hype knows about it.

The very rest seems to lead in a faith ask. Those tend to be without consens, cause they’re not proveable …

keep it as featurerequest … my wish!


You’re right. I’d lock it up here, too. Hopefully, the Tumult Hype guys will take the writing into consideration.

Alex, I’m not a person who likes to give judgements and my intervention on your message was more of a provocation than anything else.
I’m sorry but from your work I’m even more convinced that programmers can only do programmers and designers/graphers/animators can only do artists.

Please everyone with their work and talents.
Don’t be snobbish and don’t expand your ego more than you should.

I wish a good end of the year and a wonderful 2020 for you and your families. May the future bring you all forum users everything you desire!
W Tumult Hype!

I deleted my posts, because I realized my tone was a bit unpleasant, and I don’t mean to be. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, so - even if I thought you were being a jerk, it wasn’t my place to say anything. I have decided that if I can’t say anything nice, its better to remain silent.

Since deleting the posts, I decided to do some research on you, just out of curiosity. I know your name, I have seen some of your work, and I have a general sense of your skills. I have formed a professional opinion about them as well - which I won’t bother to express for obvious reasons.

Folks, I’m going to close this thread. It has derailed from criticism on Hype’s approach to criticism of each other. The forums are a place for healthy discussion - emphasis on healthy. These forums are a place to elevate skills for improving ourselves and our works.

Thank you for your considerations on Hype.