[SOLVED] What triggers the load of HYPE-522.waypoints.min.js


Any idea what action / function in Hype is dependant on the waypoints.min.js? I’ve got two banner-sets, one works peachy (without the dependancy on waypoints.min.js) and the other keeps asking for the waypoints.min.js. I’m using the CDN of Sizmek and they don’t support the waypoints.min.js apparently.

There doesn’t seem to be a difference between the two in terms of fucntionality. It’s just basic timeline animation.


Copy-paste-ing the full animation in a new document seems to get rid of the dependancy. Any idea’s?

(Olof Pock) #3

See the documentation of waypoints
in Hype you can use it to trigger functions On Enter Viewport an On Exit Viewport in the Inspectors Action tab