[Solved & result] Loop off center tire

Here the result so far. Loads to do but I am satisfied with my first animation.

The original question
Still a newbie and still working with Hype :slight_smile:
I do like it and learn each day, but now I am stuck again. Have looked at several “looping” related videos and the documentation but I seem to miss something.

I am building a car animation where the tire rotates and is offset from the center, so it should be wobbly. The file is here https://jeroencarelse.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/off-center-wheel.hype_.zip

So I got the wheel/tire as a symbol (Off center wheel). In that symbol I have a timeline named “wheel rotation”. At the end of the rotation cycle I have a timeline action
start timeline --> wheel rotation.

In the main scene I have the “Off center wheel” symbol go from left to right and I was hoping the wheel would rotate, wobbly.

Any suggestions?

kind of wobbly.hype.zip (14.1 KB)
though you may expect another kind of wobbly … :slight_smile:


Your error is a simple math error. One rotation of a wheel is 360°… you use 606° that can’t loop.


One other thing I did wrong was I used the Hype preview (inside hype) to check the wheel effect and nothing showed. So I should always use a browser I see now.

I can work with this, excellent!

Thanks for the info. I used @h_classen file and changed the 360 to 606 degrees and it still wobbles. 606 was a mistake anyway so I stay with 360 from no on.

And a general thank you to all of those that are actively helping people like myself who have obvious questions. Without a forum like this I think Hype would have gained less traction.