Solved: Loading a document in a Wordpress theme

Hi, I have been creating a wordpress website using the theme Nimva. This has the plugin of Visual Composer to create the pages nicely. It works great. However - I wanted to create a few animations for this website - and for the life of me I can’t work out how to get the animation to work within the theme. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! :slight_smile: Thanks in advance

Hi Macam.

Where are you wanting to put the animations?

You can edit your theme’s files and place the html code anywhere you want but like in Daniel’s post above you have to change the src link to point to where you have uploaded your resource folder.

I created a special folder in my wordpress installation for this called Hype but you can upload it to wp-content/uploads or anywhere else.


Sorry been ill and didn’t see the reply… I am trying to put them on the homepage - the Visual Composer plugin - separates the page into however many rows you want and then if you want you can further separate the rows into columns. I am creating an animation for each of my client’s services and trying to place them into the columns. But the Visual Composer Plugin is not playing ball. I am going to try it on a blank page that I have created just for testing purposes to see if it’s me or something in the theme… Thanks for replying

For anybody who is able to - here is the website where I am trying to put the animation… I must be doing something wrong - iframe just puts a 404 in the frame, and the div just puts an empty space… Thanks anyone who can help!


The file you’re trying to serve seems to be outside your Wordpress installation which is making Wordpress throw a 404 not found.

I suggest placing the files in your wp-uploads folder using Wordpress or an FTP program

for example if your files are here

then you would update the src= attribute to include the absolute url

Then you can place your div code (again with the absolute url!!) into your post/page or into the template you are using, single-page.php, index.php, page.php, etc.

Daniel explains this above but I have made it more personal using your urls :smile:

I hope this helps

If you need more clarification let me know


I feel so dumb right now. I have tried to place this in the post as you directed above, after creating the Folder within the Uploads folder via FTP. I have placed both div & iframe versions within the post pointing the src to the absolute url as directed above - but it is still giving me a black space rather than the animation. Is this quirk of the template/Visual Composer Plugin or is it my complete stupidity. (I have placed animations into websites before - just not into a Wordpress one… I guess it’s me :frowning: )

BY THE WAY thanks for all your help thus far - I really appreciate you taking your time to help out this imbecile points at self :smile:

i notice a slight mistype “defromedia” instead of “deferomedia” in the src attribute!

Not sure if this is it?


Wow. Type amended… however - the problem is still there… :frowning: Once again - I really appreciate the help!

no problem. Not 100% sure what’s happening. It’s throwing a 404 not found for the script file.

Have you tried to upload an image or some other file to the same “hype” folder, in wp-uploads to see if it can be served? It could be a theme issue. When I have more time I can look at replicating it with the same theme on one of my test sites.

You’re welcome for the help. It’s no problem at all. I’ve had many a time where I’m pulling my hair out over a stupid thing that I overlooked. Or some incompatibility with a script or theme! :smile:


Before I go any further … @Daniel is it better to move this post to another?

@Macam try this …

I just made it and it’s a hype document inside a wordpress page using a div and pointing to the wp-content/uploads/hype/ folder for the resources


You seem to have an extra directory listed in the Urls.


should be:


by removing /HeatingTeamGo/

There we go. Knew it would be something simple.

Always make sure the absolute url is the same :wink:

Cheers Mark

Dear God - it was so SIMPLE that I was completely oblivious to it!!! THANK YOU EVERYONE for your help I really appreciate! Love communities like this! :slight_smile:

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