SOLVED- Hype Contact Form AJAX with PHP


Hi there. I am trying to create / implement a Contact form in Hype Project. The form that I am trying to insert in my project is one from
All works fine, the form send message to email address but when user submit the form it ist redirected to contact.php page. In original form from Bootstrap user remain at the same page ant obtain an message that the form was submitted. In my case user obtain that message at other page (contact.php)

Can somebody help my to configure that problem please
P.S The form have no style at the moment and to see file contact.php please rename it from zip to php (27.3 KB)


Solved :smile:

(Mark Hunte) #3

I was just about to say you have error s with the JQuery/ Validation code. Which is stopping the AJAX/ submit returning false.



Can you post your solution if you can?