[SOLVED 2017-7-8] Page auto-reload only on ipad

i´ve a big problem for my pro-friends in the forum: :_-)
i created a databased slideshow for an artist, where you can choose the
room and the artwork. the artwork is draggable and you can change size and rotation.
so far - it works on desktops, even on android tablets, but failed on iOS.
safari or chrome on iPad are always reloading the page, if you choose a artwork.
on desktop it is writing:

SyntaxError: Unexpected token ')'. Expected a ';' following a return statement.
k — slideshow_hype_generated_script.js:5:21785
(anonyme Funktion) — HYPE-584.thin.min.js:106:483
(anonyme Funktion) — HYPE-584.thin.min.js:106:487
global code — HYPE-584.thin.min.js:106:492

in the slideshow_hype_generated_script.js i cannot find this:

g[b[a].identifier] = b[a].name, d[b[a].name] = eval("(function(){return " + b[a].source + "})();")

so, does anyone know, how to solve this problem??
the site is:

thanks for help!

found missing token. now i don´t get any error.
BUT auto-reload on safari iPad still exists as soon a artwork is loaded
and draggable.

any ideas??

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solved problem by turning on “webkit …”

mhm … did you kill the solution-button? :scream:

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This is a common error when missing or having additional syntax in one of your functions. As it then causes the eval function in the Hype generated script to fire an error. Just an FYI for those who may see this.

And a :lollipop: lol to the solving of your own post :smiley: :smiley: I do find it funny when this happens. BTW I couldn’t find a problem loading it on an iPad.

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thanks for answer - it works now as it should :slight_smile:

I think it disappeared with an update sometime. I’ve changed the title to reflect that it’s been solved.

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