SOCIAL TOOLBAR with touch / slide support + ICONS ARCHIVE

(Freelancer) #1

Here a small kit with several social icons and some toolbars.

Planned to work with 2 behaviors, on HOVER in Desktop Browsers, on TOUCH/SLIDE in Small devices.
Customization via drag and drop, no editing required on the timeline.
Archive with static icons or button ( normal+hover+pressed).


Made with Hype only, no further javascript.
Compatibility: Tested on small devices and desktop browser Mac/Win.


<a class=“attachment” (1.7 MB) DOWNLOAD Hype Template + Resources Folder


(Víctor San Vicente) #2

Thank you michelangelo! Great work!

(Freelancer) #3

thanks Victor


As always, good work @michelangelo!

(Freelancer) #5

thanks @DBear
…and I hope it can be useful for everyone


Nice and helpful. Thank you for sharing.

(Christophe) #7

Thank you michelangelo, great work!

(Eden) #8

Michelangelo !!!
This is exactly what I was looking for (:
You always brings us the best things.

Thank you for sharing…

(Freelancer) #9

@Eden, thanks for your words :slight_smile:

(Steve) #10

This is so much time saving and all the looks and sizes are totally fab! Thank you! Will come in great use!

(Jonas Johansson) #11

Love this, its very inspiring and I hope to use this shortly.
I think I need to learn more about Hype as I tried to figure out there the trigger is for the hover action.
I see the CSS for the images (the awesome font), and I can look at the timelines, and I see how the buttons are made (with the css image ref in the text).

Any hint? I will keep at it

Many thanks for this great template!!

(Jonathan Deutsch) #12

If you enter the symbol for the social icons, you’ll find that the icon itself has mouse over/out actions that trigger a timeline to play or play in reverse. This is what triggers the behavior; it is not based on CSS.