So what would make an app more effective (fast, reliable).?

(Jose w cruz) #1

.importing svs/pngs animations or making a movie from them and importing it?


Are you hitting speed or reliability issues? How do you define ‘effective’ ?

If you can provide a bit more detail about what you’re asking that would be helpful.


Spritesheets can be effective if used properly (and if the animations don’t take a lot of frames). You can combine them with either CSS ( or JavaScript ( in which the latter offers more control on events and other functionality.

Animating in Hype though would be your best bet I guess. My experience is that these animations are better scalable and offer more copy-paste linience when used in different layouts.

But as Daniel mentions: what is it that you exactly want to do?

(Jose w cruz) #4

performance…if the audience will be able to play content without hick
ups…im worry that if the animation is too long it would create problems…