Snippets Shortcuts can be reused..?

Found that the Snippets guard against used shortcuts does not block used shortcuts.
Or at lest it did not do so for cmd + shift + H
Which turns out to be In Whisk for :

Edit > Find > Highlight

So I then changed it to ctrl + alt + H
Which is fine,

But on a whim, added a new snippet and was also allowed to add
ctrl + alt + H for that.

Issue 1,
I had to chase down what was using it, luckily I got enough of a flash of the sheet that shows and goes very fast to work it out.

Issue 2,
I guess I only see this as a problem if you have many, many shortcuts. Not sure how feasible or likely that really is.

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Thanks - it should be feasible to show if this at least overlaps with something in the menus or another snippet. There are probably some other global shortcuts I won't have knowledge of but those are even more rare. I've filed this on Whisk's todo list!

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