Sneak shot of App/Project in Reebok Promo Video created in Hype

The following video is a promo video for the latest tech from Reebok featuring an App made using Hype. Blink and you might miss it :smiley: hint it’s around the 1.09 - 1.15 mark.

Also, if you want to learn more on how this was achieved feel free to join me and others here where I delve into tips and tricks on using Hype ranging from Beginner to Advanced.


It’s just a leak, but remember, I’m a fan of Hype, I’m currently developing a webapp for a client that brings videos and other ingredients to have it approved and the publication will be sent to know the opinion of the “Guru” of Hypy. Exellent ambience, color and atmosphere of the video a simple but great production.