Smoother Scene Swipes - Thank You Team Tumult

I do not know at what version or build things changed - but I am updating a Hype web page from a year and a half ago… the scene swipe transitions are noticeably smoother on mobile. Thank You!


I don’t recall us changing anything specific in swipe performance! :joy:

Are you comparing side by side on the same phone/browser version?

iPad 4. Android (v7) phone. Safari or Chrome.

I was updating a client’s portfolio (private site). The original was my basis for starting - i.e. the old output which was slightly jerky on the first swipe for each scene (push up~down transitions). Repeat visits to each scene were much smoother. This behavior was in line with past performance. Document size is (960 X 650) - some scenes are taller (1024 approximately); but it did not change performance. Graphics generated in Hype with added small jpeg images - one per scene (37-150 KB).

It should be noted that my client thought things looked OK. I’m more of a perfectionist. :thinking:

Then I generated a new version with Hype (3.6.8 build 598) and the first swipe was smooth to start for each scene. Aha… a fluke! Closed Hype and started again. First swipe smooth. Restarted my computer redid things again. Silky smooth first time - no fluke. Sweet :smiley:

Whatever You didn’t change - Thank You! That swipe performance on his site has always bugged me.

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