Smooth animation with floating-point values?

(Oana Goge) #1

I am trying to create a very fine bobble animation, similar to how buttons in games like Candy Crush Saga look. The problem is that in Hype, you don’t have floating point values for animations, so it will always round the position to the nearest integer value, causing the animation to look jittery because it is so fine.

For example, if I want to animate an object’s left position linearly from 100 px to 101 px over one second, it will just jump from 100 to 101 instead of animating smoothly. The strange thing is, I can set the object’s position to, say 100.5 just fine.

Is there any way to make the animation smoother? I understand this may be a limitation of CSS rather than Hype’s, I’m just curious if anyone has any suggestions or if there is any option I am missing.