Small hotspot on larger graphic link

I have a graphic 150px wide X 130px tall and have assigned a link to another page in the website. The problem is that the pointer tool (for the link) only shows up on a very small part of the graphic. Is there a way to see or enlarge the hotspot?

You’ll have to give a bit more information. Perhaps a Hype document so we can see what you’re doing.

It could be that you have a element inside a group. Or a graphic that is bigger than the element it’s in. If you’ve used the built in Hype Mouse Click action then it should show a pointer over the entire size of the element.

Or perhaps you have something else covering most / part of the element with the link. If this is the case you can use the check box to “ignore all pointer events” on the covering element(s).

It turns out that I had another graphic with 0 opacity obscuring the links. Duplicated the scene, deleted the now unused graphic and everything works fine now - Thanks for your time and expertise!