Slow loading on iPad

I just noticed this today…loading my Hype site on Safari iOS (iOS 9.0.2) on my iPad Air shows a full 30 seconds of “Loading” preloader before anything displays.

This doesn’t happen on iOS Chrome. I’ve set all my images to NOT PRELOAD except for the menu items.

Can anyone with an iPad please test this out and see if it’s taking that long to load, and if you can guess as to how to fix it.


I see content in about 3 seconds, and your preload settings are being honored by Safari:

I’m on an iPad Mini on slow Wifi. The amount being downloaded is about 1 meg, so it should not be taking that long. Can you plugin your iPad and check out developer tools?

Here’s how to do that:

It took 45 seconds on my iPad Air

Thanks for your help Daniel. I’ve been testing in Hype Reflect and it has been working…even once i uploaded to the web.

I did a hard reset on my iPad and it seems to be loading correctly now. Maybe it had something to do with all the recent iOS updates that somehow kept Safari on iOS from working as it should.

I was unaware of the Safari Developer panel working with my device, so thanks for the tip!


Thanks Greg for letting me know. I did a hard reset and it appeared to fix the issue.

Now it’s happening again. If you have any other browsers on your iPad, like Chrome, I’d appreciate it if you could try loading it on that and giving me your report.

I only have Safari, but it is loading very fast right now -- about 3 seconds -- I do see the loading indicator but for only about 2 seconds

Thanks for checking it out. I re-exported the HTML5 folder, uploaded everything again and it appears to be working.