Slot Machine Game made with Hype and jQuery


(darren_pearson) #1

Just finished a simple slot machine game called “Super Seven Slot Mania”. Had to read in the jQuery library to animate the spinning of the slot wheels. Make sure to click the Info icon to display the pay table. Would love any feedback.

(Hans-Gerd Claßen) #2


runs smooth on my desktop computer

did not test mobiles …


(Marian) #3

That’s one awesome creation. Thanks for sharing!!


Very cool & runs well!

(darren_pearson) #5


(Mark Hunte) #6


I just played on my iPad, noticed that the icons did not all always line up in a line…

(darren_pearson) #7

Thanks for the feedback. Will take a look at fixing this over the next few weeks

(Jonathan Deutsch) #8

Can I borrow some money? I don’t have a gambling problem, seriously.

(Robert Myers) #9

This is really nice work! Any chance you could share the .hype document, please?
I wanted to try making a transition that would use the slot machine metaphor, and this would be a huge help.