Slider/scrubber for Dummies

Possibly a stupid question, but I don't know enough JS, so …

I'd like to scrub along a line and display a number between .00 and 1, based on the slider position. Full left=0, full right=1.

Seems like making a 100-frame timeline with individual digits, then just scrubbing the timeline is brute-force and inelegant. There's probably a tiny bit of JS that does this, right?


do a forum-search for 'timeline scrubber' ... sure it'll help :slight_smile:

You might take a look at these templates from @Photics, which have sliders in them you can copy and modify: Pythagorean or Lightbox

I also highly recommend his A Book About Hype as a great way to extend your JS knowledge via Hype. :star2: