Slice tool idea

I know it’s complicated but having a slice tool would speed productivity a lot… maybe for hype 4 :smile:

Imagine you get a design from astudio, place a hq tracing image of said design on the Hype document and proceed to slice it… then you can add the needed text boxes on top of the sliced image, and delete the unwanted parts of it… voila no need to work with a lot of images, files, sizes and crops and everything falls right in place pixel perfect.
Sliced images would become a symbol or a group so it doesn’t flood the layers window.

importing layered psd with editable text fields would be nice too but sometimes studios send the weirdest file formats…

forget about this, I’ve found a faster workaround for this case scenario.

Thanks for the feedback, do you mind elaborating on your workaround?

It’s not the most elegant thing in the world, but I place a hq image of the full page and copy selections via finder shortcut, and paste on top of the design, add the text boxes and done, really fast worklow, that’s the best about hype, positioning stuff that stays in place regardless of margin, padding, absolute position divs and all that hassle.

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Ah, fascinating, I can see how useful it would be in that case. Thanks!