Sketch to Hype Hack Anyone?

(Lesley Piercefield) #1

I was wondering if there was a “hack” out there that would allow me to quickly bring a sketch file into Hype. Maybe using a third party plug-in or something?

I just met with a pretty large interaction design team. I told them that I usually prototype in Hype. Which, they really like because they can do user testing from a prototype. However, they are worried about the time it will take to “rebuilt” everything in Hype.

(Freelancer) #2

no fast way, the SVG is the only method to import vector elements. In any case you can’t change background and border color. As long as hype is not able handle complex objects this options is not useful.

(Lesley Piercefield) #3


They have a few complex layouts and I know they would be happy with something that was not just sliced up images (could have been done in keynote). I know with hype I can build something close to the finished product they can present to executives. Having to relayout everything from the sketch file is such a pain and waste of time.
I think this is the reason why most interaction designers don’t use Hype. Framer and Principle prototypes aren’t that easy to share. So I have just been relaying out everything in Hype. Killing me time wise. There are so many Sketch plugins out there I was hoping someone would have found a way to go from Sketch to Hype other than that YouTube video from 2015.

(Freelancer) #4

Can you suggest a real competitor? Like Hype Pro 3.6 with a Further plugin to import Sketch?
Affinity Designer is another great alternative and we must hope to see in the future a long list of improvements for the exporting not only Sketch, before we have AI.

In any case, the SVG is your friend :slight_smile: and you can work with it easily and fast, also for a professional job

(Jonathan Deutsch) #5

There’s no hacks I’m aware of, but we do realize this is important! My recommendation is to make specific parts exportable as SVGs and Hype should pick up the changes and ask to replace.

(Lesley Piercefield) #6


I am not so much worried about editing. I am trying to save myself the time it takes to layout everything again.