Simulate hamburger menu behavior (12.2 KB)

Super Newbie here! I am trying to simulate behavior for a hamburger menu (Hype file attached). Clicking on the button brings up the menu. How do I add the reverse timeline action to the same button? Or is there another workaround for making it work?

now it works. i thought i would be simple but had to struggle for while. now i learned a new thing !!
here is the fixed version. i didn’t use another scene. just used pause action on main-timeline.
for future event, you can make that button as a symbol. (95.4 KB)


Thanks a lot! I finally managed to replicate it using your advice and using ‘Continue Timeline’ action for the invisible button symbol

that’s good. i might try that some other time.

Hi I tried this one but I couldn’t figure out the close button. I tried doing what’s on the screenshot but it doesn’t seem to work for me.

same thing for me!!! struggling for close action where whole animation got back, does anybody has nice tutorial or descriptive steps,? please share

hey can you please tell me steps involve i cant find .hype file in it!!!

Here’s a .hype document from the solution above: (15.4 KB)

It appears the screenshot also has a little bit simpler of a method. The general trick is that you will want the timeline to animate both opening and closing. You’d add a timeline action at the halfway point that pauses the timeline. Then the button itself would just be a ‘continue timeline’ action with ‘Can restart timeline’ checked.

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thanks man it worked