Simplest Way for Newbie to Integrate HYPE on Joomla site?

hello, brand new here :slight_smile:
I want to do a one page website using a Hype interactive I created… hoping to use Joomla ( unless folks tell me that Hype and Joomla don’t get along well )… basically, I want to drop the Hype interactive content at the very top of my page… I wanted to ask the forum first in case its something very easy, before I go down a rabbit hole searching… I appreciate any help at all. Cheers

Do an internet search for a plug in that will allow for that, I know they exist, as I remember the one I saw was $25. Just put in Hype into Joomla for a search term.

I am going to get one as soon as I go back on the Joomla site that I spent 3 months full time on this summer, I am still in traumatic shock on that one. Just part of life.

One warning about Joomla, if you inherit a Joomla site as part of a job description, take as much time as you can to make a very clear detailed flow chart that maps how the original site was developed. In my case, it took a full month just to learn to navigate the site. It had been worked on by 4 different developers over a 4 year period. If not, you may end up with PTSD.
Have a clear understanding of “articles” “menus” “modules” “plug ins” “extensions” the list goes on. The relationships are very often not clear, and many people use each one incorrectly.

Law of Unintended Consequences applies! Or like working on a beautiful $200,000 custom car with no wiring diagram.

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thanks … been looking and haven’t come across one yet…