Simple responsive very complex



I have to integrate an animation in a Wordpress page and I wish the entire animation to be responsive.

To achieve this, it is very complicated:

  1. I group my items
  2. I adjust the frame to the limits of animation
  3. “Scale Behavior” I set to “Zoom content” and “Shrink to fit”

If I have to make a change on my animation, I must ungroup all elements and define the settings again.

Best regards.


Sorry, Is there a quick and easy solution? And avoiding me all these laborious manipulations?

To edit the contents of a group, double click the group to ‘enter’ the group, then click to select an element. You should not need to ungroup items just to edit them.

Ok, thanks !
And, is it possible to prevent the size of the movie exceeds 100% ?

I’m unclear on what you’re referring to by a movie, but if you mean to restrict certain sizes, say give something a max or min width/height, there’s no built-in way to do this. However there are some ways to do this with code; please see this post:

If you’re just looking to restrict a movie from going fullscreen, I don’t think there’s a way to do that, but you could at least hide the video controls via the video options in the element inspector.