Simple Layer Revealer (Version 2)

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Here is another version of this idea. It is simplified as in:

  • It allows only one revealer per scene or (and this is new) symbol
  • groups or elements to be revealed can only reside on the top level of either a scene or symbol and must contain the class name revealer and a unique class name (for example red)
  • all groups are initially hidden. Only if the class name default is added are they initial visible
  • to create a reveal trigger, add data-revel with the value of the group to reveal like green

Simple setup demo:

CleanShot 2021-09-22 at 06.06.12

Custom behavior signals (optional)

  • Each trigger action emits a custom behavior called like the group name (for example: clicking on a button with data-reveal set to group2 would additionally emit the behavior group2. If the trigger resides in a symbol, the custom behavior is prepended by the symbol name (for example: if the symbol name is Symbol and the trigger group2 the custom behavior would be Symbol group2.

Nested setup

A simple nested example is included in the download as well:

This version is easier to grasp if only used in a scene and straightforward to nest, using symbols as the container for a specific logic.

Download: (59,0 KB)


Slight update on the downloadable file: The emitted behavior now is …

In scenes:
reveal GROUPNAME for example, triggering red emits reveal red

In symbols:
'reveal SYMBOLNAME GROUPNAME' for example, triggering red emits reveal Symbol red

This is totally geeky and optional:
And there now exists an override on symbols and on triggers called data-reveal-behavior that allows to give it a unique name. Say you use the same symbol more than once you could add data-reveal-behavior with the value other Symbol to it and the custom behavior emitted would change to reveal other Symbol red instead of the same reveal Symbol red for both.

Added the event handling to touchstart and mousedown instead of onclick to avoid missed interactions on touch devices (like Android devices etc.).