Simple Javascript Breakout Game


(darren_pearson) #1

Created a simple Breakout style game with Hype and Javascript:

Tried to accommodate both Desktop and Touchscreen platforms but still have a few bugs to work out for the for the touchscreen version. Encountered issues with the screen zooming in accidentally. If anyone has suggestions to fix this, would love to hear it.

Also, used a little bit of MySQL outside of Hype to create the High Score Board at the end. Would love feedback on this.


Made it onto the leaderboard! Awesome work. Love the sound effects.

Just a couple things I noticed:

  • Sometimes the ball passes through the bricks
  • The ball and paddle seem a little slow

(darren_pearson) #3

I noticed that too. When I calculated the collisions between the ball and the brick, I did it based on a 90 degree angle collision. When the ball is moving at a 45 degree angle, it sometimes doesn’t work very well. Going to try and fix that in the next version.

Used the Tumult Hype 3, not the professional edition, to make this so I did not use the Physics Engine to calculate the collisions. Hope to find time to try and use that for the next version over the Christmas Break.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #4

Really nice! Now folks need to beat my high score on this one too!

(Matthew Bibby) #5

Good work Darren! Playing this brought back a few memories…

(Hans-Gerd Claßen) #6

great :smile:

only thing is – as always – 100% relyable collision detection …

would you share … i’m always interested :slight_smile: ¿

(james koh) #7

Onething i noticed was On touch screen mode, if you press right button twice. It zooms in. Like double tap screen. Beside that it looks nice!!!