Simple Image Transition w/Interactive Link Problem

Hi, so I’m really new at this and I’m having trouble doing the most basic thing. Can someone tell me how to do a simple image transition between two images on one scene of the same timeline w/the ability to add a hyperlink. Basically, I want the user to be able to tap on image 1 which will trigger a dissolve transition to image 2. I then want the user to be able to then tap on image 2 to take them to an external link. My main problem is that every time I attempt to tap on image 2 the link doesn’t get accessed because it shows that image 1 is on top of image 2 in the timeline. Any help would be much appreciated!

The absolute easiest way to do this if the content is just the image would be to use different scenes. The image on the first scene would have a ‘Jump to Scene’ action using the Crossfade transition. Then the second scene would have the Go to URL action on the other image.

But if you need to have it in one scene (because there’s other content!), then I would probably accomplish it like so:

  1. Insert the first image and the second image on top of it
  2. Select the second image and add an On Mouse Click action in the Actions Inspector to Go to URL with the URL of your choosing.
  3. With the second image still selected, go to the Element Inspector and set the opacity to 0% and the display to hidden
  4. Select the first (bottom) image and in the Actions Inspector add an On Mouse Click action to Start Timeline…
  5. Choose New Timeline and create it
  6. Hit Command-R to Record
  7. Move the playhead up one frame to 0:00.01
  8. Select the second image (via the element list, as it is now hidden) and then set the display to visible.
  9. Move the playhead to a later time that you want for the crossfade duration, like 0:01.00
  10. With the second image still selected, set the opacity to 100%

This should do what you want. (12.6 KB)

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Thanks so much! Your answer was more than helpful! :slight_smile: Have a great day!