Simple GIF banner with low FPS

Hi, I want to create a simple animated GIF banner with 3 scenes, each during 3 seconds. No animation, just 3 images following each other up and loop. This to create a simple and low KB banner.

Any advise?

Photoshop it. Use online gif creation tools. If the link is on the entire banner Hype might be overkill for this.

Note: I never made gifs with Hype it may have advantages doing it in Hype, 1 scene, 3 TimeLines, when TL 1 ends TL 2 starts then when that ends T3 starts then on end goes back to TL 1. But that seems more work then putting 3 images in an online gif creator, set time and loop and hit create.

Thx, think you’re right. Just would be easy to work in Hype, create the HTML banner and also have the opportunity to create a simple GIF version of it. All from within the same application.

How I would do it: use Hype, but make your scenes just .5 seconds long. Then in Photoshop, set the duration of the GIF frame to be 3 seconds each. This will save you a lot of GIF file size pain.

Thx for the tip Daniel