Simple calculation in hype

Hello. I Know nothing about Hype but I need it to make a calculation for me in one scene.

I need the javascript that is going to make this calculation:

139 - user entry (in the “Your nutriliming agent cost” field) and put the result in the (“you are saving on average”) case. Is anyone able to help?

I meant I know nothing about javascript not Hype

you’ll have to provide exact circumstances that you’ll use :slight_smile: e.G a hype-document …

Hello Hans. I dont understand your question?

He’s just hoping you will post your Hype document – since the screenshot is not really useful to work with and show you how this would work within Hype.

Here’s something similar to what you’re doing:

Essentially you want to give each of your input fields an element ID, then you want to add or subtract those values and insert the results in a text box.