Simple Animation for Instagram/Social Media Video Test

I’ve been looking for a solid animation tool for a long time and I’m glad I found Tumult’s Hype 3. I can see using it a lot for animated portfolio work to share on Instragram, Facebook, etc.

I used Flash way back in my earlier years, but Hype is pretty intuitive. I threw this together in about 45 minutes to an hour. It’s not fancy, but does what I wanted it to: Instagram Video Test

This test was to see how big the finished file was and how nice it looked on Instagram for my own marketing and marketing of clients on social media. The exported video is 1080 x 1080, 60 fps and is 11.3MB. The colors and opacity looks a little off/muted which I assume is from Instagram’s compression, but I haven’t really played around with it yet. If I figure that out, I’ll try to post back, if it is helpful to someone else.

Anyway, thanks for making Hype. I’m very impressed.


Welcome! I find that h264 compression in generally isn’t great at preserving colors, and a double compression (first exporting via Hype, then whatever Instagram is doing) probably makes matters worse.

I don’t know what formats Instagram accepts, but you can always export as a PNG Sequence and use other tools to construct a video that might be less lossy if need be.

We are doing a lot of conversion/compression work with “handbrake”. A lot of features and – free…


Thank you, @jonathan. I do appreciate it. I’ll try the image sequence.

@sandor, honestly, I had forgotten about Handbrake and didn’t realize I could use it that way.

Is there documentation on these types of things? If not, maybe starting a Google Doc would be useful to some?

Again, thanks so much!

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