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manual modification of the transformation origin point

Do you mean this?

And if you mean by setElementProperty this only works with a hack (meanig use with caution).

  1. Download and install Hype Export Playground
  2. Patch the code with the following
		# add missing transformation origin property to API
		patch_post_hook(hook_props, 'transformOriginX:{HYP_r:"tX",HYP_s:0.5},', glob_hype_runtime_minified)
		patch_post_hook(hook_props, 'transformOriginY:{HYP_r:"tY",HYP_s:0.5},', glob_hype_runtime_minified)

Enabling setting values with hypeDocument.setElementProperty in the range of 0 to 1:

hypeDocument.setElementProperty(testElm, 'transformOriginX', 1);
hypeDocument.setElementProperty(testElm, 'transformOriginY', 0);

Then finally and if you are not so keen on hacking your way into the runtime… you can always force your way in with pure JavaScript from within your project:

element.style.setProperty('transform-origin', '10% 10%', 'important');

or use CSS declarations and CSS Animation.

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Hello and thank you for your suggestion. I am naturally cautious. I will not venture to use Hype Export Playground except for curiosity. A lot of the apps I use give the ability to change the origin point with the mouse. I just have to drag the ⨁ symbol to the place I want. This is very practical especially for animating objects. It is this possibility that I would like to have in Hype.

cmd will show the transformation-origin. you can drag it then ...

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:joy:I'm stupid !! Thanks