Showing/hiding text on Mouse Over/Out

I am still struggling with certain concepts with timelines and various actions. Attached is a simple Hype file that is trying to work out how to display a text element (description) when the mouse hovers over its twinned text element, and hide the description when the mouse leaves.

I essentially have a diagram with various concepts depicted by a different letter (in a circle) that are intended for the user to hover over to get a description of that certain concept.

I can get the description to show, then hide, but it won’t show again. I have a separate timeline for each show/hide of each button. I think I am missing something in understanding timelines. (25.6 KB)

Also, I am not sure if there is a difference between Start Timeline and Goto Timeline (0:00).

Thanks folks

Done in it’s simplest form of one timeline per text.

DisplayOnHover.hype (19.1 KB)

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Thanks Mark,

I figured I would have to duplicate the timelines for each description. I only have a handful, so it it won’t be too onerous.

So “Go To Time in Timeline” doesn’t start the Timeline and just sets the properties at that point in time, correct?



If you want this to have an opacity animation you would probably use something like a Continue Timeline with the Mouse Over and Continue Timeline using the “Play in reverse” option on Mouse out. In both cases keep Can restart timeline unchecked.

Either go to time in timeline or the continue timeline methods will require an animation for the property change.

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