Show multiple scenes with push right to left transitions simultaneously

I have multiple scenes with 600x400 dimensions with no scaling done. How can I show all the scenes at once with push transitions?

Not sure what you mean with "at once"

Sorry, if my question was too vague. I have scenes with dimension 400x600. I want each scene to be next to each other like in a card game where each card is a scene. They all need to be visible during the transitions. Is this possible?

Hypes runtime will try to control visibilty of the scenes.
If you want to show them all, you can hack this, but won't be able to use any scenetransitions ... i guess :slight_smile:

you may put the content of each scene within a symbol and create a masterscene where you'll place all those symbols.


That is actually a very great idea!

Cool. I'll try it out.