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When I right click a resource, in addition to "Replace" and "Update from original" it would be really helpful to have the option to "open containing folder" of the original file.

  1. Have you found a workaround for this problem?

I tend to use Finder search, it's fine but slow.

  1. Are there examples of other apps with this feature? Or, have you seen examples of this elsewhere on the web? (Please include a URL)

After effects has "show in containing folder" when you right click a media resource.

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A copy will always exist in the hype project

With this request, the assumption is the original file exists in the original place or exists at all.

Which means,

  • If the file is not in the original place:

You will possibly be able to link back to an original file if the Mac's system plays nice with its bookmarking and lets you follow where the file goes or its new name... Which from memory it can be hit and miss.

  • If the original file does not exist any more:

You will not be able to link back to an original

With the former, things may have improved?

Just found this, Resources to use Relative Paths - #5 by jonathan

Again things may have improved since then?

Trick I often use: preview location

To access a dropdown menu with all ancestor paths of a file in macOS Preview:

  1. Open the file in Preview from the Resources panel.
  2. Just, press the spacebar to enter Quick Look mode.
  3. Locate the file’s name at the top of the Preview window. In newer versions of macOS, the file icon might not be visible at first. Hover at the beginning of the file name to reveal the icon.
  4. Right-click (or Control-click) on the icon to display a dropdown menu listing the file’s ancestor directories.
  5. Select any location from this dropdown to navigate to it in Finder.

Where normally opening an image in Preview and doing this would work, it would not work for ones opened from Hype's quicklook > Open Preview.
An image would open but it will not be the original and you would probably see you default pictures folder at the top of the list and would not be able to open it this way as the file does not really exist there.

( I did double check this before replying ) :smile:

True... usually all I need is the file, and I understood the request as getting to the imported file rather than the original. You are right if the question was about the imported original… we require "Reveal Original in Finder". For what I am doing, you can also just inspect the package of the .hype file and look into the Resources folder.

Thanks everyone!

Here is a little more information in case it helps.

I often import files into Hype, then as I am working on my file in hype, I then need to make changes to the original content. For example, I may be creating a sound file with audacity, then when I re-save this file, Hype brings up a dialog saying "The original file has changed, would you like to update?" and I press "Yes". This workflow is what I am used to.

It works great for me as often the assets I am using in Hype are in a half finished state (or require client changes).

The confusion arises when I forget where that original file was. I know I can edit the Hype-created copy, but this leads to multiple versions of my "source" file.

In After Affects, I can always use the "show in finder" option to locate the original version of any file I import, and I was wondering if that could be added as an option when you right click a resource - i.e "show original file in finder".

Hope this makes sense!


Absolutely, thanks for the request!

There's of course many ways the connection can be lost, but if we can establish the link there's no reason we shouldn't have a "show original in finder" menu item in the resources library.