Show/hide element while a timeline is running

Good afternoon, I'm looking for a way to do the following: I need to click on the '+' button, a pop up will appear and then close again and all this will happen while the main timepine is running. I've tried to do it with different scenes and with timelines but I can't get it. Please, could someone help me?
I send the file attached. (88.8 KB)

Thank you very much!!

Should work...

You don't need scenes here. The functionality can be achieved solely through timelines. These don't need to be relative either. On button click, simply start the corresponding timeline - on click close: continue timeline - hypeDocument.kDirectionReverse - that is, play the timeline in reverse.

No need for javaScript either... (70.8 KB)

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Here is an advanced version that closes the currently visible text and makes the selected text visible. Each button calls the same function here. Identification is based on the class of the buttons. So actually, you don't need the close buttons here anymore...

hype_test_01_kt (71.1 KB)


Kalle, thank you so much! It works perfectly, thanks!