Show Hide All items in a timeline

  1. What do you want to see in Hype?
    A Show/Hide All option for all timeline items

  2. Have you found a workaround for this problem?

Yes - clicking each item individually.

  1. Are there examples of other apps with this feature? Or, have you seen examples of this elsewhere on the web? (Please include a URL)

Adobe Creative Apps like Photoshop and Illustrator.

  1. How high of a priority is this for you?

[ X] Nice to Have
[ ] Important
[ ] Can’t use Hype without it

If you hold down ⌘ while clicking the :eye:, it will hide all items.



Two other tricks I thought I’d mention:

  • you can mouse down and drag over the visibility/lock icons to quickly change the state of multiple items
  • option clicking will toggle all except the clicked item.
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