Should Main Timeline Automatically Start Animations in Tumult Hype 4?

Hello everyone,

I recently encountered an issue in Tumult Hype 4 where animations in my project were automatically starting upon loading a scene in the browser. This behavior occurred when using the Main Timeline.

Here's What Happened:

  • My animations were starting by themselves as soon as the scene loaded in the browser, even though I hadn't set up any auto-start actions or triggers.
  • After several attempts to resolve this (including starting new documents and scenes), I discovered that creating a new timeline (aside from the Main Timeline) and setting up my scene there resolved the issue. The animations behaved as expected and did not auto-start.

My Question:

Is it a standard behavior for the Main Timeline in Hype to automatically trigger animations when a scene loads, or might this be a bug? I was under the impression that animations should only start with specific user interactions (like a mouse click) unless explicitly set otherwise.

I'd appreciate any insights or information on whether this is expected behavior or a potential issue that I should be aware of.

Thank you in advance for your help and advice!

Yes this is the expected behaviour.
Animations place on the Main Timeline will always auto start. That is what the Main Timeline is for, to get the ball rolling.

But this is why you also can create other timelines to give you a granular control.
I would always advise to take the approach of using other timelines if the animation is even a tiny bit more complex than a simply single animation and definitely if you do not want things to auto start.

You can use Timeline actions on the Main Timeline to start, pause other timelines/run JS etc if you want or one of the other ways to do the same , mouse click etc..

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That's a screenshot of how to pause a Timeline. It's an action… “Pause Timeline…”

I think the idea is that Hype is animation software, so the Main Timeline is played automatically.

Heh… nah… dozens of animations in the main timeline is fine. :smile:

I'm kidding, but now I'm not sure exactly why I use multiple timelines. It's not complexity… but what is it? :thinking:

I think it's usually when I need to start/stop animation separately from the main action. Otherwise, I usually lump them all together. :smile:

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Yep, more than a single simple animation... i.e just needs to start and stop by itself and run once :grinning:

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Thank you for your answers guys!.
At last I find a solution. Little work around, but it work when I create a new timeline for each scene.
I am not for coding so I trying to find a smooth way.
I understan Hype 4 is not the ultimate for create hompages so my next challenge shell be to integrate Hype 4 to Sparkle.
Thanks again

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