Shoul I divide a video into several parts in a sense?


I read on line tutorials, but there is no suggestion on what is right way for video size.

I need add a video with 6MB into an animation of WEB PAGE, it takes almost one minute. Should I split the video into several parts for fast load? Or do you think there is no problem with 6MB for mobile users?

There are several ways to embed video, I am just simply drag video into scene timeline, using HTHL element will be helpful for smooth speed?



You can’t Cheat the Hangman Alex - a download is a download. I believe chopping things up into pieces will only increase the problem (more server overhead).

Thanks for you explaining.

I studied all of of tutorials, and try to grasp the basics of Hype,

I am just guess that all the animation can be divide into scenes, and we are encouraged to split even all elements in one scene into several additional timelines, why not crop video into small parts.

So what I would like to ask which the following functions are helpful to animation performance ?

1# Additional timelines?

I know additional timeline is great function for differennt and smoothly effects of different elements in one scene, but what about splitting elements into different additional timelines even if all the elements are same effects? any different performance between these two ways? if yes, which one is better?

2# Scenes

I understand it is more easy ways to organize and mangage work by splitting one animation into several scenes, but sometimes, we will put several group of elements into several scenes although we can do it in one scene. so what are the different of animation performance between these two ways. To put it another way, do you recommend that we should try to divide elements into more scenes if allowed? or should try to keep less scenes in an animation?

Thanks so much.


I think you are over thinking this.

If you have elements on 1 scene and you need to transition the bulk of whats on display then it makes sense to change to another scene.

This does two things for you as the creator. It helps you not have to create animation transitions on a load of elements like hiding them and showing new ones. It also helps keep things organised in manageable chunks.

Timelines are used pretty much the same way. They are a management tool.
Timelines help you break down what could be complex animations into manageable chunks.

We only ever suggest that you added something to it’s own timeline in most cases because it makes it easier to control what is going on.

If you have a lot going on and all on one timeline you will start to get constrained by the linear time of that single timeline. You will then have to get creative with your timeline actions and property changes, making them repeat, jump, pause. When it looks like this is going to start happening then thats when you start thinking about adding a new timeline for some of the elements animations.

You then have other timelines that you can start a particular animation without interfering with the other timelines.
Note: I say without interfering with the other timelines. Naturally more than one timeline can act on an element at the same time… ’ wow man mind blown… :grin:

In both cases we are not thinking about performance and load.

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thanks so much.

It seems that I am really over thinking it.:slight_smile:

I should focus on how to create animations.

By the way, I know video is not preloaded by default, but what about if I hope it will be preloaded, I made an animation within short video with 1.6MB site, and the video will be put at middle of animation, so I want it will smoothly go on, anyway to help preload?