Short beginner issue "Additional HTML Attributes"

Hi there,

i have a quick question for my first hype coding project.

How can I place an input field, where you can define the content of an HTML attribute? Nice placed on my screen, you should be able to write something in this inout field and save the content in the html attribute.

If search in the documents, but I am not sure how to handle this: (

(the "reason why" is a script that I want to customize. here I am able to enter my details in the html attributes, but it doesn't work in my browser where you should be able to enter these details.

thank you so much !

Hei Andreas,

  • place textfield onto stage

  • make it editable by giving it HTML-Attribute 'contenteditable = true"

  • textfield needs classname ('textInput')

  • place another textfield onto stage (for the text output)

  • give it a classname ('textOutput)

Rest is done by the script. Should be for the most parts self-explanatory (or see the comments). You can of course save the content of the input filed to any variable - but since you asked for saving it into a HTML-attribute...

Best regards, Kalle (18.3 KB)